User Manual

Examples of 

  • Front carry with baby facing in  [INSERT VIDEO CLIP]
  • Front carry with baby facing out  [INSERT VIDEO CLIP]
  • Using the Mamapod™ support pole  [INSERT VIDEO CLIP]

Instruction Highlight

Ways to Use

  • All babies who can sit by themselves:  Use it as a soft carrier with seat (hip seat carrier)
  • Heavier baby / toddler:  Add the Mamapod™ support pole to support the baby when standing 

Usage options: 

  • Seat option:
    • Seat  is recommended for comfort for babies who can sit by themselves.
    • Seat can be removed if preferred
    • Seat can be folded in standby mode
  • Wrapper option:
    • Use front wrapper for enhanced safety and balanced load distribution
    • Unbutton, roll and stow front wrapper outer cover to use mesh cover for enhanced breath-ability
    • Remove front wrapper and use only seat for convenience.  MAKE SURE TO SUPPORT BABY AT ALL TIMES WITH ARM.
  • Wrapper side extension option:
    • Fold and stow wrapper side extension when baby faces out
    • Use and adjust wrapper side extension for ideal baby leg opening size
  • Mamapod™  support pole option:
    • Use Mamapod™  support pole to offload carrying weight when extended standing is needed
    • Leave Mamapod™  support pole at home when not needed