Our Story – Project Mamapod™

We believe new age parents should enjoy quality time and travel in style with babies and toddlers, hassle free and stress free.

This project started a few years back when we took our then 1.5 year old daughter to Disneyland. I ended up almost carrying her all the time with the soft baby carrier. My daughter being a heavy baby and I, a petite older mom, totally exhausted and stressed, at the end of the long day, I searched for stick to sit her on while still carrying her in the soft carrier.

Is there a stress free tool to carry bigger heavier baby? I wondered and searched… I later found out a lot of moms stop carrying their babies after one year old, or one and half years old, because moms have back or waist problems, babies become too heavy. Can we do something better? I always enjoyed talking to my daughter at eye level in museums, shows, aquariums, galleries; and when she was tired and on the go, she always demanded to be carried…

Mamapod™ project helps caregivers to carry baby, without the heavy load by adding a support frame underneath the baby. A variety of support frames, seats, wheels and brakes have been tried:

  • from the 1st DIY version using a walking cane frame with stuffed animal seat on the top that I used to roll around the house while carrying my daughter around who was falling to sleep;
  • to a sturdy wheeled tripod frame with help from a local design company which we used in science museum, quite easy to maneuver and move around indoors and very comfy to sit on for the baby,
  • to our soon to be released Mamapod™ Baby Carrier A100, still in the final stage of pre-production approval process, can be used as a traditional soft carrier when baby is small, or as a hip carrier when baby is bigger, and with ground support stick Mamapod™ to totally offload almost all the weight of your baby and toddler when you need to carry and wait in queue, enjoy a sea otter performance together through a raised observation window, or tour through art gallery.
  • to our very latest tool still in the making, expected to enable you to tour cities easily with a baby or toddler without a full sized stroller.

Please contact us should you have comments, feedback, suggestions, or would like to get involved in our projects.