Mamapod™ Baby Carrier 

Mamapod™ is world’s first stress free baby carrier. The ergonomic design incorporates a foldable baby seat and features the patent pending Mamapod™ support pole as an optional accessory. Wide waist belt and comfy shoulder belt ensure good load distribution and lumbar support for caregivers. The hip seat provides healthy sitting position for baby at all times. Adjustable wrapper leg opening ensures comfort and safety for baby facing in or out.   When extended standing is required,  the optional Mamapod™ detachable telescopic support pole can be easily installed in seconds, offloading the carrying load to ground, thus greatly reduces back and waist stress for caregivers when carrying a baby.  

Core Benefits
  • Cuddle and carry stress free as long as you wish
  • Adult carries with no back pains
  • Baby sits in healthy position with comfort

Key Features
  • Multiple Carrying Modes:
    • Front, back
    • Baby facing inward/outward
    • With/without front wrapper
  • Designed for Safety and Comfort:
    • Belts and straps wide, padded, adjustable
    • Wrapper side extension adjustable to fit baby of different size, face in or out
    • Optimal load distribution, further more, Mamapod™ support pole can offload all carrying load to ground
    • Mamapod™ support pole operates up to 15° angle from vertical direction, easy to use
  • Designed for portability:
    • Light weight and
    • Fold-able seat: If using without wrapper, can be folded like a purse at standby mode
    • Mamapod™ support pole: Light and compact, fold to small size, seconds to install from stow mode
  • Carrying load: 12 to 44lbs

Use Scenario

  • Everyday use as hip seat baby carrier without support pole
  • Use with Mamapod™ support pole stress free when extended standing is required.